Handmade Custom Colors

We create our custom colors at a custom car shop with our proprietary process developed in tandem with leading edge professionals. We use professional equipment and materials for top notch quality and durability that you cannot get from at home consumer grade craft products. We apply several very thin coats and use paint curing lamps to give a very durable finish. Each 10m takes several steps to make. We test all our new colors for durability before bringing them to market. Does not peel, rub or flake off and is completely odorless. Our custom colors do not add bulk or thickness to the lace, laces are still soft and supple. We work very hard to bring you lots of innovative and fun options that you can be confident in to hold up and last for all your leather working projects. 
an be purchased Beveled or Unbeveled. Beveling takes off a 45 degree slice off the back edges of the lace, for a smooth braid.