Custom Handmade Color

Soft and Smooth

Shimmer does not rub off


* Note-there may be some very small spots of excess product on the side edges of the shimmer laces, it will not effect finished side and bevels off easily or can be scraped off with your fingernail. 
*Kangaroo Leather is a natural product, there may or may not be a welded seam, inspect your lace and plan your project accordlingly.


Length and Beveling Options
  • *NOTE-We only guarantee there will be no 'welded seams' in 'by the meter purchases' of standard colors. The nature of this natural product requires several pieces to be welded together via an overlapping seam to form a spool. If we cut all these pieces out of every spool, it would result in an incredible amount of waste with unusable lengths remaining, and thus our prices would have to be raised significantly to recuperate that. Please inspect your lace before planning your project and plan accordingly. Not every product will have a welded seam, it's the luck of the draw. Thank you for understanding.