Kangaroo Leather Lace Starter Kit
(new colors not pictured), Lime, Navy, Roan, Forest Green. Pumpkin Orange and Sky Blue have been discontinued and are no longer a part of the kit but can be purchased seperately. 

3mm Width


All 38 colors in our Packer Leather palette 

*beveled option if desired-we slice off a 45 degree angle of the back side of the lace edge for smoother braiding/weaving


Small Bundle Includes
-34 Five Meter Hanks (hank is the term for the leather each bundled in a paper wrapper)
-2  Ten Meters of Black and White
-Color Swatch Disc Set (in stock colors on hand)
-1 Free Surprise Custom color 10m 
$484 Value!


Large Bundle Includes
-34 Ten Meter Hanks
-2 Twenty-Five Meter Spools (Black and White)
-Color Swatch Disc Set (in stock colors on hand)
-1 Free Surprise Custom Color 10m
$699 Value!


Colors Include: Black, White, Silver Metallic, Aqua, Purple, Grey, Gold Metallic, Red, Jacaranda, Mint, Canadian Pink, Hot Pink, Lavender, Moroccan Purple, Bright Blue, Royal Blue, Jade, Natural, Bronze Metallic, Olive Green, Burgundy, Whiskey, Dark Brown, Saddle Tan, Yellow, Chestnut, Cerise, Brandy, Chocolate, Lipstick Pink, Sunset Shimmer, Mid Blue, Deep Purple Metallic, Copper Metallic, Blood Orange Metallic, Aqua Foil Metallic


-Authorized USA Distributor of Kangaroo Leather Laces from Packer Leather Tannery in Brisbane Australia since 1891
-Licensed by Fish and Wildlife
-Licensed USA Business
-Smoke Free Seller


All our Kangaroo Leather Laces are fresh from the factory, stored properly on the roll and are cut to order.

Kangaroo Laces Starter Kit Bundles

Starter Kit Size